Methods Forum

The Methods Forum is an interdisciplinary collective of communication and information scholars. The Forum meets regularly to present methodological problems and challenges they are currently working on.

Spring 2017 Seminar series: “WHAT IS AN OPINION?”

1 February: Facts and opinions in the news media. Helle Sjøvaag

15 February: Technologies have opinions too. Lars Nyre

1 March: Reasoning about knowledge, truth and lies. Thomas Ågotnes

8. March: Rationality and Opinions. Ole Hjortland

15 March: Survey analysis and the challenges of ascertaining public opinion. Hilmar Mjelde

19 April: Simmelian Obligations. Marija Slavkovik & Truls Pedersen

29 April: Social Desirability Bias in Social Science Research. Cornelius Cappelen

18 May: What is a fact? Statistical Associations and the Construction of (factual) Knowledge. Jens Woelke

7 June: “Facts vs. Opinions: A Legal Distinction. Sandra Braman

21 June: “Well, that’s Just Your Opinion!” On the Nature of Opinions in Rhetoric and Social Psychology. Jens Kjeldsen


Fall 2016 Programme:

25-26 August: Data Analytics Workshop.

7 September: Abstracts for ICA workshop

21 September: COST Action application workshop

5 October: Abstract workshop for ICA 2017

26 October: TAB

16 November: Lubos Steskal, Samia Touileb, Truls Pedersen: Entity/entity extraction

30 November: Postponed.

14 December: Richard Moe: Text recognition algorithm.


Spring 2016 Programme:

10 February: Marija Slavkovik: Introduction to voting theory

2 March: Hallvard Moe + Jan Fredrik Hovden: Research design for measuring media use for the project “Media Use, Culture and Public Connection: Freedom of Information in ‘The Age of Big Data’” (MeCIn).

30 March: Bente Kalsnes, University of Oslo: Methods for researching social media.

13 April: Lubos Steskal: Introduction to Gephi (Workshop)

27 April: Samia Touileb: Analysing framing automatically. Pavlo Kapustin: Interpreting social data with a semantic natural language framework.

11 May: Frode Guriby: Design ethnography: video analysis and design research

22 June: Samia Touileb & Katherine Duarte: Key phrase extraction for newspaper content analysis + Lubos Steskal: Using LDA to model human reading: an exploratory study

29 June: Truls Pedersen: Applied logic for common sense reasoning


Fall 2015 Programme:

2 September: Erik Knudsen: Framing theory

30 September: Gunn Inger Lyse Samdal, Koenraad de Smedt: INNESS and CLAINO: Infrastructure for language resources

4 November: Lubos Steskal: Exponential Random Graph Model and R

18 November: Kristian Bjørkelo: Studying users of games, for the project “Games and Transgressive Aesthetics”


Spring 2015 Programme:

25 March: Helle Sjøvaag + Truls Pedersen: Automatic analysis of news diversity

8 April: Dag Elgesem + Eirik Stavelin: Automatic content analysis

22 April: Samia Touileb: Natural language processing and sentiment analysis. + Lubos Steskal: topic modelling and network analysis

6 May: Csaba Veres: Mind mapping. Kristine Jørgensen: Analysing users of games, for the project “Games and Transgressive Aesthetics”

27 May: Bjarte Johannesen: Named entity detection. Bjørnar Tessem: Analysing mobile phone use.